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Alex Kross the Bubble Boss (Russia) 

LED Light Tables, Bubble Frame, Trays, Wands

Andy Choi (South Korea)

Smallest Bubble Machine

Aramis Gehberger aka Dr. Bubbles (Austria)

Specialty Rope, Eco-Friendly Tri-string Wands, Solution

Bubbleinc UK (UK)

SamSam Bubble Man

Tri-String Wands, Wands, Fire Bubble Kit, Solutions and Novelty Bubble Toys

Chauvet DJ 

USA (Florida and California), United Kingdom, Belgium, Mexico, France & Germany 

High Output Bubble Machines, Fog Machines and Lighting (Atmospherics)

Darina Lyudmila (Russia)

LED Tables, Smoke Generator, Fire Bubbles, Wands, KIB, Tri-string Wands, Trays, Performance Tables, Mats, Solution

Dr. Zigs (Wales) for Outdoor Equipment & KIB 

Eco-Friendly – Tri-String Wands, Garlands, Shape Wands, KIB and Solutions

Dustin Sky (USA) 

Fire Tornado Wands and Smoke Generators

Emma Pickering aka eBublio Magical Bubbles (UK) 

Bubble Nets

Far Out Bubbles (USA)

Eco friendly Tri-string wands and big bubble solution.

Flavour Blaster (UK)

High Quality Smoke Generator

Gordy Tobbut aka Glowby the Bubbler (USA) 

Garlands and Nets

Mondo Troll (Italy)

Wands, Smoke Generators, Trays, Bubble Frame/Wall, LED Light Table, KIB Ring, Fire Bubble, Tubes, Bubble Machines, Solutions, Magic Props and Novelty Toys

Rick Findley (Usa/Mexico)

Smoke Generators, Breathless Fogger, RAD (Eco Friendly Solutions)

Uncle Bubble (USA)

Giant Bubble Solution, KIB, Garland, Big Bubble Wands, Novelty Tools

Zero Toys (USA)

Zero Blaster Smoke Ring Toy