For Bubble Recipes, check out the Bubble Solution Page

Things you will need in this lesson:

Bubble Solution – See the link above
A Tray to hold your Solution (finger painting trays work great!)
A Spray Bottle to keep the air moist

The Tray and Spray Bottle should easily be found online, or at your local dollar store.

Bubble U kit still in development – We’ll keep you posted.

Some bubble wands we can recommend are:
Gazillion Incredibubble Brand Bubbles Wand
Kiddie Play Brand Bubble Wand
Little Kids Brand Bubble Wand

What will you learn today?

Today we learn to about the ins and outs of bubble solution. How to make a solution that will work best for you.

  • Glycerin bubbles
  • Corn Syrup bubbles
  • Basic bubble science

Why Include Bubbles in your Show?

Universal appeal: Bubbles are amazing and magical for a wide range of
ages, cultures and genders. They can be made to fit any occasion or
season with the right framing. You can do a bubble show for a roomful of
three-year-olds and, with just a few tweaks, do a show with the same
props for ten-year-olds later the same day.

Can be done silently: Because a bubble show is highly visual, with performative plots that are very easy to follow, it can be done entirely silent, making it perfect for international, ESL or hearing-impaired audiences. I personally can do my bubble show in English and French even though my French is limited because so much of the show can be done to music.

Create multiple products: Bubble Shows, Bubble Playshops, Bubble Stations and Bubble kits (Party and Pro kits) — you can package bubbles in a variety of different ways to appeal to clients with different needs. I even have a five-minute bubble act for gala shows with just my best effect.

Bubble shows are inexpensive to create, highly portable, and play big. These are the big three when it comes to ideals in entertainment. Bubble shows are so inexpensive to create, I can land in a new city, pick up everything I need for the show for under $100, and do the show that night.

Add variety to your repertoire. If you learn a new magic trick, you can add it to your existing magic show. But if you learn bubble work, you can add it to your show or create a second product to widen your scope in your market