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  • Bubble Smithing Video Tutorials
  • Hours of performance material
  • Bubble activities
  • Bubble recipes
  • Bubble gags
  • Full scripts
  • Print materials
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  • Original bubble music
  • Character creation
  • Show structuring tips & tricks
  • Bi-weekly live Coaching
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  • Wholesale prices on all Bubble U kits and wands

Why Include Bubbles in your Show?

 Universal appeal: Bubbles are enjoyable and magical for a wide range of
ages, cultures and genders. They can be made to fit any occasion or
season with the right framing. You can do a bubble show for a roomful of
three-year-olds and, with just a few tweaks, do a show with the same
props for ten-year-olds later the same day.

Can be done silently: Because a bubble show is highly visual and very
easy to follow, it can be done entirely silent, making it perfect for
international, ESL or hearing-impaired audiences.

Create multiple products: Bubble Shows, Bubble Playshops, Bubble
Stations and Bubble kits (Party and Pro kits) — you can package bubbles
in a variety of different ways to appeal to clients with different
needs. I even have a five-minute bubble act for gala shows with just my
best effect.

Add variety to your repertoire. If you learn a new magic trick, you can
add it to your existing magic show. But if you learn bubble work, you
can add it to your show or create a second product to widen your scope
in your market.