Now! I know you guys didn’t come here for any fancy schmancy nancy pansy flamsy science show


You came here to see one thing and one thing alone!

The World’s



Then I shall show it to you!

In order to show it I must first convince that… This is very difficult

Because bubbles are very very nervous

So here’s what we are going to do

We should sing the song to make the bubbles feel comfortable, do you guys want to learn the bubble song together?

Alright let’s put it on, you already know what the lines are, Bubble Bubble Come Out and Play!

So let’s hear the bubble song so we can make the bubbles feel happy and safe warm.  

(plays bubble song)

You guys! 
I think they’re ready

Let’s give them a little tiny drum role!

Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from Canada, the World’s Biggest Bubble

(it’s tiny)

It’s not tiny you’re just far away!
Just so you know that’s my favorite joke in the whole show


No, you’re right, you’re right, you’re right, let’s do the actual one, this is the real one.

This is the magic one

One little teeny drumroll please!

Ladies and Gentlemen, all the way from Hollywood!

(It’s tiny)

They’re not buying it are they?
Let’s do the bigger one

(gets bigger wand)


This time we’ll do it for real

But I’m going to need everybody to help me out

Say Bubble Bubble, Come Out and Play

(blows bigger bubble)