Meadow had the honor of lecturing for the International Brotherhood of Magicians about Bubble Magic.

In this lecture you will learn the basics of the science and history behind bubble artistry, a recipe to get you started, Safety, Maintenance and a quick intro to making bubbles with your hands, how to make a Carousel Bubble, A Cube Bubble and how to make your own smoke generator using a vape pen.

DIY Recipe:

1L Hot Water (Tap is fine unless you have hard water, then get distilled)

150ml Dawn (blue) Dish Detergent

50ml Vegetable Glycerin

.5 grams Guar Gum

  1. Place the Guar Gum, Glycerin and 250ml Hot Water in a bottle with a secure lid. Shake well until the Guar Gum powder is completely dissolved.
  2. Pour the glycerin + guar gum mix into a basin or bucket. 
  3. Pour 250ml Hot water into the bottle and shake well to get any residue. Add to the bucket and stir.
  4. Add the 150ml of Dawn Dish Soap slowly while gently stirring(be careful not to create foam) You can use a whisk, a big fork or your hands to stir.
  5. Mix in the remaining 500ml of hot water.
  6. Leave in an open container for at least 8 hrs, 24 hrs is optimal.
  7. Keep it in an airtight container after your bubble batch is “brewed”

*Avoid storing in direct sunlight and avoid extreme temperatures.

  • Creating your own Smoke Tube

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone inhaling vape or smoking of any kind. If you choose to use this method, be aware that there may be health risks involved. 

There are lots of magic devices that create smoke that you can purchase and adapt to make smoke bubbles. Here is a DIY version of a smoke tube.

Materials List:

E-cig/ Vape pen

1 inch diameter, 10-12 inch long Acrylic or Polycarbonate Tube (if it isn’t already to size, you’ll need to cut it using a PVC pipe cutter)

1 Straw

Gaff Tape

Kinesiology Tape (Optional)


1.Make sure your e-cig/vape pen is completely charged.

2. Cut the Tube to the desired Length using Tube Cutter.

3. Wrap bottom portion of Tube with kinesiology Tape.

4. Cut the Straw to the same length of the vape pen. (The straw acts mostly as a spacer)

5. Wrap the Vape pen and straw with Gaff Tape, make sure to leave a little of the end of the vape pen without tape on it, so you can get a better seal with your lips on inhale. (you can choose to take off the “ash” tip if your e-cig has one. The idea to this model is that no one should see it anyways so you can also leave it on if you wish.)

6. Wrap the tape around the Vape Pen and Straw until it is wide enough to sit firmly inside the 1” diameter tube.

7. Place Vape Pen/straw inside tube. – If it’s loose, remove and add more tape.

8. Intake with the Vape Pen, exhale into the tube.

Viola! When you need to replace or recharge the Vape Pen, use tweezers or pliers to pull it out carefully and then redo steps 1-8!

Materials for Smoke Tube LINKS

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Pipe/Tube Cutter:

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